PayPal Fees


When you pay us by PayPal, unless you opt to pay the fees (around 4%) then this amount is deducted from the amount that we receive.

For example, if you're sending a payment of €350, as a deposit say, we only receive €336.

Some people have commented that it's difficult to see where to opt to pay the fees from the senders point of view, so hopefully the following guide will help.

From the "Send Money" tab there are then two tabs "Purchase" and

"Personal" ...  use Personal.

Under Personal there is an option "Payment Owed"  use this option and click 'Continue"

This takes you to another dialog box "Review your payment and

send" which shows the amount etc. and a  check-box for "I will pay

the fee"  and the value of the fee is shown, tick the box and it is

included in the total.

The total then shows the cost including the fee, and also what the

recipient will be sent, (just the original value)