We can currently provide four styles of case.

All of our flutes come with our standard case, which is made specially for us by Consort cases in Mooncoin Co. Kilkenny. This is a moulded plastic case with aluminium framing, and is lined with closed cell foam which as well as being physically protective, has good insulating properties and will help to protect the flute from high or low temperatures and low humidity.

The Cavallaro flute roll is a soft case with four divisions, made from exceptionally hard wearing nylon cordura which is lined with a fleece material. The case closes with a zipper and is secured when rolled up by a cordura strap and buckle. Although more suitable for keyless instruments, many people do use them for keyed flutes

The Northwind case is a very high quality French style case, made of bass wood and covered in kid skin. These cased are specially made for us by Northwind and are standardly fitted out to fit Hamilton Flutes. We can custom block the interior of the case to suit many old and new flutes, given precise measurements from the owner.

These cases are light and very strong, and the flute fits incredibly snugly.

Finally, we can provide a Northwind case, modelled on the old Rudall and Rose cases, which will accommodate most old four joint, eight keyed flutes. Ideally, the flute should be sent to us to ensure the final blocking will be accurate.