The following flutes are currently available


Cast Embouchure Keyless Flute in D

There's another of the cast embouchure flutes currently available on eBay, sale ending next Sunday at 8 pm. Look for :-

item #324543812072

Please also check out the demonstration video of this flute on YouTube

SOLD €1530

Keyless Flute now on eBay

The flute below that I was offering via @hamiltonflutes is now available on eBay item # 324385573669

Sale ending 11 pm Sunday 28th

SOLD €1161

Keyless flute available

I'm selling a "used" keyless flute, which has a few new/different features. This is the body of a flute that I upgraded with a keyed body, and it's matched with a completely new head.

In this case, unusually for me, it's a fully lined head, and it has a new feature in it's cast embouchure, which allows for great precision in the embouchure cut. You can read all about that on my recent blog post which you can find at

I'm experimenting with a new method of selling in the absence of a waiting list, so this flute is only available via my Instagram account @hamiltonflutes where you can also see images.

I think this gives everybody an equal chance of buying, so the best offer made on @hamiltonflutes before 11pm (Irish time) on Sunday 15th ( Sunday next) gets the flute.

The Great Workshop Clear Out #4

This is a real cracker of an English 19thC 8-keyed flute. It's stamped Pearson 36 Bishopsgate Within London #980.

One of the best I've played, and plays very easily at 440 even for a sharp blower like me. Lots more info, video clips etc. on my Instagram @hamiltonflutes and on eBay where it's currently for sale item #324302054057 ending Sunday 27th at 8 pm.

GWCO #4 SOLD €2020

The Great Workshop Clear Out #2

Something a bit more in the trad direction this time, a very nice little Bb band flute by Miller Browne. 6 keys.

These flutes are widely used in fife and drum bands throughout Ireland. This one is a good step above the standard one-key Miller Browne that you commonly see.

It's up on eBay currently, look for item # 324252730645.


The Great Workshop Clear Out #1

Not really a flute for trad...unless you're a Boehm player already,

but check out this anon cocus wood and nickel silver Boehm system flute that I've currently for sale on eBay.

Look for item # 324250350753